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Why Choose Eric Hardman’s Roof Cleaning Services


Has your HOA recently asked you to clean your roof or driveway? avoid-roof-replacement

Are you sick and tired of having the dirtiest roof in the neighborhood?

Do you want a professional crew that will protect your landscaping and plants?


Instead of a cutting corners and using a potentially dangerous high pressure power washer to clean your roof, our experts use very safe non-pressure chemical roof cleaning methods to clean your roof. The results not only clean your roof more safely and effectively but also eliminate nearly 100% of any mold and algae growing on your roof which if left untreated can result in serious damage to your roof. Mold and Algae are one of the leading causes in the Central Florida Area responsible for your house to require a complete roof replacement.

A total roof replacement can cost a fortune but that problem can be totally avoided by our very reasonably priced roof cleaning services.

It Happens To Us All  

After years of neglect, you realize it’s time to clean those mold stains all over your roof and driveway. Or maybe you’ve been meaning to get to it but now your Homeowners Association has sent you a notice telling you that you are required to clean the property or face fines.

Are you a do-it-yourself-er?

Thinking that you can just rent a pressure washer and handle it yourself?

Before you power-wash your roof and/or driveway there are a few things you should consider:



Sure, you could rent a power-washer and try doing the job yourself but before you do there are some things you need to know:

  • Pressure washing your driveway isn’t enough to get rid of the mold and mildew that has built up over the years. Special chemicals are required to properly kill the mold, mildew and algae.
  • All too often we are called in AFTER a homeowner has actually not only wasted time and money trying to do it themselves, but often homeowners actually damage their property by improperly using a power-washer or other harsh chemical scrubs with little or no results.
  • Pressure Washing a Roof is an even worse proposition. Not only is it a personal safety hazard but High Power Pressure Washing will most likely do more damage to your roof than you realize, not to mention pressure washing has little to no effect on mold, mildew and algae, which is typically the leading cause of your roof looking so poor.

Perhaps you are considering turning to a bottom dollar power-washing company?

  •  While hiring an outfit to just power-wash your roof and/or driveway may not be the best idea either. Anyone can operate a pressure washer and call themselves an exterior cleaner but without the proper knowledgeable, equipment and chemicals these companies are more likely to do more damage to your property then they are to actually solve your exterior cleaning issues.


avoid-roof-replacementEric Hardman’s Roof Cleaning Services and their parent company Magic Exterior Cleaning, have been serving the Greater Orlando community since 2009. So don’t trust your roof, driveway, deck, patio or siding to just anyone with a hose. Let the pros who know take care of it!



Here’s just a few things that separates Eric Hardman’s Roof Cleaning Services from all the other power-washing companies in town.

  • We use a bio-degradable process that uses half the pressure of a garden hose & lasts four times longer than traditional power-washing.
  •  Our services typically run about half the cost of standard power-washing companies in the area.
  •  We guarantee a cleaner roof, driveway and exterior then our competitors.
  • We have a 100% plant protection guarantee.
  • We are safe, friendly, professional and knowledgeable.

Most of our clients have children or pets or both, and we want you to know that our service is environmentally safe and non-toxic, which means your family can enjoy your beautiful exterior minutes after we have completed the work.

Ready to call a company you can trust? Call us today for a free estimate at 407-369-3078!

Let our team extend the life of your roof, driveway, deck and/or patio, increase your property value and bring new life back to your home!